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Non Woven Protective Clothing

Material: PP. SMS, PP=PE Film, reinforced Sterile or non-sterile, Size: S/M/L or Customized size. Magic stick/tie, elastic/knitted cuff All kinds of color, size and gram are available Character: Durable, echo-friendly, non-toxic, breathable and flexible, Anti-alcohol, anti-blood, anti-oil, waterproof, Acid proof, alkali proof

CAT No. Item Type Packing
0700-0001 Isolation Gowns Elastic cuff/Knit cuff 10pcs/pack,10packs/carton
0710-0001 Surgical Gowns Material:SMS,Knit cuff 10pcs/pack,10packs/carton
0710-0002 Surgical Gowns Material:SMS,Knit cuff Reinforced 1pcs/pack,10packs/carton
0720-0001 Scrub Suit sgort Sleeve top and Pants 1set/pack,50packs/carton
0730-0001 Coverall with hood and boot cover 50pcs/pack,10packs/carton
0740-0001 Lab Coat with zip or button in front 10pcs/pack,10packs/carton

Product Use

For family, hotel, electronics factory, pharmaceutical factory, computer room, hospital and other clean working environment